Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ask and ye shall receive

One of the perpetual dilemmas we've had at 3D Radio is prototyping. We have steered away from building them. We simply don't know what the final product will look like because much will depend on who licenses our IP.

Mike has been more enthusiastic about going this route than me -- must be because he's the engineering brains of the operation while I'm the cautious voice who doesn't want to promise more than we can deliver. Additionally, the equipment we needed is a bit pricey and will require someone skilled in the art of software.

So last week we were on the phone with a potential partner who said they were pretty interested in our technology but were strapped for resources right now. "What can we do to help?" they wanted to know.

"We've kind of been thinking of building a prototype ..." I began, remembering a recent marital "conversation."

"Happy to help," said the company's president. For free. No strings attached. Just for the opportunity to help a startup. This potential partner was offering to be more than a partner -- an enabler. We were overwhelmed by his gracious offer.

The box of electronica arrived on Monday. Mike has decided to take on the task of composing the software, while I wrote the gushing thank-you letter

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