Monday, October 27, 2008

Fearlessly Speaking

A few months ago I responded to a query on Help a Reporter Out, Peter Shankman's matchmaking service between journalists and sources. Jacqueline Wales, founder of Fearless Fifties, was seeking mother-and-daughter teams to interview for her online radio show Fearlessly Speaking.

I sent in a brief description of my relationship with my mom, Lyn Schwartz, and to my surprise we were chosen as one of the four teams she was to profile in October.

My mother and I were giddy with excitement but wondered how we'd ever fill the 52 minutes Jacqueline alots for the interviews.

It turned out to not be nearly enough as we told anecdotes and finished each other's sentences.

I had thought that our primary bonding experience was our trip to Israel in 1999. But telling the world about how our relationship has changed and grown over the more than 50 years we've known each other seems to have solidified it further.

Another wonderful aspect of appearing on Fearlessly Speaking is that Jacqueline gave 3D Radio a wonderful plug, going so far as to spell out the URL. She then invited me to pitch our patent portfolio to the listening audience. Nothing quite as satisfying as promoting 3D Radio on the radio.

Fearlessly listen at Fearlessly Speaking.

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