Friday, May 8, 2009

Back on track, again

I admit it, it's been months since I wrote about 3D Radio's bizdev progress.

Is no news good news?

Perhaps. Much of the past three months has been spent hunkering down (note the passive voice), working with my business coach on Q2 goals and strategy; pursuing yet another new, low-tech venture, Celume Creek Design; caretaking my mom as she recovered from knee replacement surgery; and building up my own physical and entrepreneurial strength following hip replacement surgery.

Celume Creek was top of mind when I returned from playing nurse, because I had a major sales opportunity to prepare for and execute. But I've devoted this week almost entirely to 3D Radio.

This quarter's strategic plan remained open on my desktop and laptop. Made more efficient through Allway Sync, a freeware file synchronization utility I recently discovered. Now I'm much more confident about having identical documents and correspondence on both machines. It sure makes working in coffee shops, (a sanity-saving method) easier. Today's is Ziggi's in Longmont, CO.

To those I've email and called, thanks for the hearty responses. It's great to know you're still thinking of us, too. To thoses I haven't reached out to yet, we'll be in touch soon.

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