Friday, August 8, 2008


Is it really August already?

3D Radio hasn't really been on hiatus for the month of July, it just feels that way.

Between keeping busy with my day job in PR, discovering that persistent crick in my hip is arthritis, and enjoying the fabulous weather in Boulder, bizdev here at 3D Radio has unfortunately taken a back seat.

Although we haven't done much reaching out, however, we've been doing plenty of soul-searching and getting around to authoring those important documents everyone wants to see and you have to say "in progress."

Our market research documentation had been a jumble of tasks in Outlook, organized only with Getting Things Done software. Now it's a readable paper with usable bullet points. At an adviser's insistence, I bit the bullet and composed an executive summary. Not quite a business plan, but plenty of VCs (not that we're looking for money right now, mind you) say that's quite enough for most executives to read. The three-pager is now with the gang for their comments. I created a sales "funnel" spreadsheet to keep track of all that outreach that was living mostly in Outlook as well.

Getting all these thoughts into prose isn't easy or fun, but as you type you expose a lot of material that was floating under the surface.

So that's our business model! We have more competitors than I thought.

We've been at this for how long?

In this soft market are we really going to be able to meet that goal?

Wow, we've accomplished more than I thought.

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