Thursday, April 3, 2008

All in a day's work

It's 4:30 p.m. Do you know where your work day went?

Not much of it wound up being spent on promoting 3D Radio, I'm afraid.

Two health-care-related appointments took up a good part of the day. It wasn't only dealing with the actual practitioners -- X-ray tech, physical therapist, massage therapist (truly therapeutic, painful, and covered by insurance) -- that ate up my day. Paperwork, transportation, errands along the way, stop-and-chats, nature and coffee breaks. Before I knew it it was 3, but I'm finally back home with my hand in a bowl of popcorn staring at my to-do list and about to get down to business . . .

. . . when the phone rings. Someone to help with a login problem I had been having with the Boulder TechBootstrap wiki. She walked me through the issue, which didn't help. Then as she futzed with the admin controls, I multitasked by opening the file at the top of my to-do list to clean it up. Many interruptions to try this, check the inbox for a new password, etc. No way to concentrate.

Eventually we resolved one issue only to discover it was an Internet Explorer bug. The workaround -- login with Firefox. OK. I'll do that later, after I get some work done.

Back to editing the file and writing captions for the artwork so I can get the package to the publisher. I'm just about to attach everything to an email . . .

. . . when the phone rings. Someone I've been playing phone tag with is ready to set a date for a meeting. We try to agree to a time, but of course he's in the car without his calendar handy so we set a tentative time, which will require more phone tag to set in stone.

So what am I doing? Am I checking off anything else on that dang to-do list? No, this is the fruit of today's endeavors . . .

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