Saturday, April 5, 2008

When the phone finally rings

Or your email gets a reply. You start to feel more like an entrepreneur and less like a telemarketer.

We've been reaching out to potential partners for what seems like an eternity. OK, it's only been about six months, but without positive responses that time seems endless.

But in the last week suddenly we've gotten people on the phone rather their voicemail greetings. Those we've left messages for have called back. Our emails aren't languishing in cyberspace -- the recipient has written back asking for more.

The outcome isn't business, yet, but several conference calls are scheduled for upcoming weeks.

Maybe the stars are coming into alignment for 3D Radio. The sun is in Aries after all, so we maybe we're just feeling more bullish (even if the market isn't).

But more likely is we're getting better at pitching. I know I'm spending more time putting together initial packages and trying to make that deck more interesting, interactive and funny. I'm not taking the gatekeepers' attempts to keep us out like insurmountable obstacles.

Persistence, timing, confidence -- who knows how to explain our breakthrough.

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