Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My blog is dead, long live my blog

Someone finally commented on my blog, or so an email told me.

When I logged on to my web site, it was gone. Dead, deceased -- nothing left but a few error messages saying the problem was on line 204 of some godforsaken file I didn't write and had no idea how to find and fix.

This was the outcome of the fancy schmancy blog software recommended by my web host. I had gone to the trouble of downloading the program (going the "act locally, blog globally" approach), configuring the damn thing, uploading a few graphics and actually getting around to write a couple of entries.

A call to my web host, which normally has excellent customer service, didn't help. See, they don't support the software you download to your site, even though they make it super easy to do so by having a link right in your cpanel. "You'll have to ask your web master to clean that up, ma'am," was all he said.

Of course, I'm the web master. But I'm not real techie, I just play one for the sake of 3D Radio. So I've decided to go the SaaS route and let Blogger worry about such things rather than trying to fake any knowledge of coding.

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